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Candlestick with garnets
  • Candlestick with garnets

Candlestick with garnets

Code: NC3J0014

Decorative glass with Czech garnets
Supplied including certificate
Candlestick for 3 candles
Dimensions: 34 x 12 cm
Weight: 890 g

Recommended care of glass

Glass decorated with Bohemian Garnet should not be machine washed. Hand wash with lukewarm water only, using a detergent washing up liquid. Wipe with a soft dish towel after washing. 

The glass is not intended to be used for serving hot beverages or in microwave ovens.

When handling the glass, avoid any contact with hard objects including glass. Otherwise there is a danger of scratching.

Handle the products carefully to avoid any damage to them.

Availibility: In stock
Price incl. VAT 390 CZK
Price excl. VAT 322.31 CZK
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Sample finishes


golded - rhodium - ruthenium - pink surface.

edit menu. "ruthenium and pink" when asked